A briefest of looks at my list of Works in Progress

With a new and shiny domain name for this blog and my ever shifting search for the right server setup this feels the right time to step back from my ongoing projects and do a what am I working on and where am I going? type blog post.

I recently moved from having one big server to having two mid sized servers and although I was skeptical of the move I ordered the first server and was so impressed 4 hours later I got the second one. It was surprising to see just how many projects there were on that server from the 2 years I had it. They fall into four projects HG Traveller, the Out and Proud Grid, VW Therapy training online and this blog.

Image taken on the HG Traveller Opensimulator Grid

Finding your way around the blog

Before moving on to the Works In Progress (WIP) a quick heads up to how to find your way around this blog as there are no pages like a normal website. The menu below the title of this blog are links to categories and by clicking on them you will taken a page with a list of all the posts under that category.

Beware the Menu Item called “Out and Proud” is a link to the website of the grid and the other items in the menu direct to that projects website.
The front page is a list of all my posts in date order.

HG Traveller

Any one that knows me will know that I love the hypergrid and exploring the grids and regions and getting to know the creative community members and individuals who call Opensimulator their virtual home. It has been something I have liked from the very beginning. HG Traveller is my contribution to the community to help promote the hypergrid and the Opensimulator metaverse.

HG Traveller Blog 2019

I started this project just before the OpenSimulator Community Conference last year (2018) and consists of a magazine style website and an Opensimulator grid. The website is for the articles that I create about the people, places and events that happen across the Opensimulator community metaverse.

The inworld part is a place where people can teleport to from their home grids and find interesting places to visit, explore and introduce some of the people they may encounter on their travels. Each teleporter has an object that you can click that links you to the article on the website as well as a check to show if the region is up or not before you head over. I am adding new places and interviews as I go and there are currently 6 interview articles and 27 destinations.

The website: https://hgtraveller.com
The grid: http://grid.hgtraveller.com:8002

Out and Proud Grid

Out and Proud is a place where the LGBTQ+ community of Opensimulator and guests from other grids using the hypergrid can meet, make friends and collaborate on projects. Out and Proud grid is about the following things Creativity, Community, Collaboration.

Out and Proud Website 2019

This project is the oldest of all the projects listed here and where I started this journey. My opensim grid is where I explore, experiment and call my virtual home on the Opensimulator metaverse. The grid is something I want to move further but there are a few more things I need to learn an explore to identify what my next move should be. I think Out and Proud could be a useful LGBTQ+ community resource but I am not sure how to tackle that so I am being cautious and open minded. The environment and the server are pretty much setup its what to do next that is not so clear.

The website: https://outandproud.life
The grid: http://grid.outandproud.life:8002
Image site: https://images.outandproud.life

VW Therapy Training

Exploring the combination of technology for delivering online CPD content using online and virtual open source tools for therapists, supervisors, trainers and educators.

The front-end: https://vwtherapytraining.online
The LMS: https://lms.vwtherapytraining.online

This project is something that I created during my MA Education in Virtual Worlds and I am building on the project that I submitted for my studies. I think there is allot to be gained professionally for counsellors, supervisors, trainees and educators in the field of counselling developing online and virtual world skills. The VW Therapy Training project is based on the following software: Joomla, Moodle and OpenSimulator.

This project is where I hope to create something to present to therapists as part of their CPD (Continuing Professional Development) it is a proof of concept and will in time be piloted with small groups. I would also like to create an introduction to virtual and game spaces where we use a field trip/reflective journal based approach.

Image taken in game @ Guild Wars II

My professional blog

A blog about virtual world education, therapy, social research and game spaces.

Having this blog is helpful to me as it lets me write about the projects that I am working on and act almost as a development diary, a place to explore my learning and development and reflect on my reactions and experiences. My interests are broad at the moment and the use of categories is going to be super useful to keep this blog organised.

The posts on this blog cover:

  • OpenSimulator (community building, research and entertainment)
  • Online and virtual therapy, supervision, educator practice and research
  • Virtual world education
  • Sexuality and Gender PhD: an online/virtual ethnography methodology with field site interests in virtual worlds and game spaces (MMO-RPG games like World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2 and Everquest).
Image taken in game World of Warcraft

At some point soon I will do individual posts about each of these projects as this was a brief over view and writing it there was so much more I could of said about all of them.

There we are 4 Works in Progress in the briefest of terms if I am nothing more I am a person of my word. If anything on my list has peaked your curiosity leave me a comment below, visit me inworld if you have an OpenSim avatar or use the contact form on this site. To be notified of future blogs you can also use the subscribe button below.