Works in Progress Part 2

After completing the first part of my Works in Progress [here] I realised that I had missed out Opensim Fest an Opensimulator event that me and a couple of other members of the community took over when the previous organisers moved on. Also since completing that I have started a new project using the Open source social VR platform called High Fidelity.

It is always good some times to take a step back from all the hub bub of daily practice and learning to reflect on things from a birds eye view perspective. This birds eye perspective allows me to see all the moving parts and what progress I have made and what still remains to be done.

Image taken at the Out and Proud High Fidelity domain

Out and Proud High Fidelity

High Fidelity is a Social VR platform that I hope to extend my Out and Proud project too, the VR tools and the newness of the platform is an interesting and exciting proposition for LGBTQA+ community building. The viewer (called interface) is simpler to use on the desktop than the Opensimulator viewer and I hope this will help to improve access.

The website:
The domain server backend:
The upload domain:

High Fidelity has been around for a few years and is making an impressive contribution to the Social VR world in the sense it is an Open Source project giving users a platform that is both feature rich and usable from a user perspective. The part that I have struggled with is the self hosting of the domain server and assignment clients that for the life of me get to compile. I could get them to compile and they would start up first time and work as intended. The problem comes when I tried to restart both they would throw lots of SSL related errors.

Me getting a new avatar from the Mochi domain on High Fidelity

This is the third time that I have had a run at this and finally I think I have it cracked, I am using a Ubuntu 18.04 server and it has taken three days of trying, reinstalling the server and trying again to get to a series of commands that seem to work. Now the domain server does not throw the errors and survives the restart in tact.

Once I knew things were ok I purchased a new domain name and created a simple WordPress site as a front-end, the domain server redirects to a https:// domain and http_authentication is enabled and to upload assets to my domain I created a simple domain to achieve that. All in all I am really happy with the setup and now to get started on creating a space for community building.

You can visit the “outandproud” (without the quotes) domain on High Fidelity but you will need to do two things first. Firstly, you will need an account for High Fidelity (create here) and download the interface. You have two choices (1) just the interface or (2) interface and sandbox (download here). You can visit the Out and Proud domain on High Fidelity by logging in to the interface and clicking on the GOTO button on the HUD on your screen and typing “outandproud”.

Opensim Fest aka AvatarFest

“From the ashes of AvatarFest it is with great pleasure we would like to announce Opensim Fest rising like a phoenix. Opensim Fest is the celebration of the strength and diversity of the hypergrid user community. For the community, by the community. The format, the idea and the aims of Opensim Fest will stay true to AvatarFest and we hope to be worthy custodians for Han and Eryn.”

“We do not represent corporations, companies nor grids – we are the customers, users, builders and dreamers who live out here, sharing our dreams and creations with one another.”

Taken from the about page on the opensim fest website

The website:

Taking over someones else project is a daunting task but with the help of Bill Blight and Cataplexia Numbers we managed it. There was a few teething problems that we managed running up to the event as well as over the weekend of the Festival. The three main organisers, myself, Bill Blight and Cataplexia numbers did an incredible job pulling it altogether in such a short time. We learned so much from the first attempt and hope that with some design and technical tweaks things should run much smoother next time.

The community of Opensimulator really pulled together and created over 40 exhibits on a range of 32m and 64m plots on the exhibitor regions and the performers knocked the ball out of the park over the event weekend. This type of event is really important to me as it brought community members from all over the hypergrid and its so nice to come together as a community and produce this type of event. We rarely if ever come together at those numbers (40-60 people) in one area. I felt so inspired and humbled from the response and look forward to doing many more community willing.

We will start organising the next event soon and if you reading this thinking I would like to take part then please join our Discord server and we will post information there. Join our discord server here.

That brings me to the end of the WIP blogs outlining all the virtual projects that I am working on at the moment. If you see anything interesting and want to discuss things with me please contact me always looking for collaborators and creatives to work with. You can contact me using the contact form on this site [here], or the comment section below or email me directly on

bye for now until the next post.